Painted Antique Sawblades 

Antique sawblades can make an excellent wall decoration for your home or cabin, especially when hand painted with a rustic mountain scene.  I collect antique sawblades for the purpose of painting and reselling them.  Currently, I have several one and two-person, antique, cross-cut saw blades that I can paint with any scene that you choose.  Or, if you have old sawblades in your family, you can send them to me to paint on them a scene of your choice.  Its a great way to make those parent's or grandparent's old sawblades stay with the family instead of rusting in a garage or barn somewhere.    You may provide a scene from a photograph to be painted on the blade if you would like, or a theme that I can work with.

Call or email for pricing estimates.  They will depend on if you are buying one of my blades to be painted or if you are providing your own blade, as well as the complexity of the painting.

This scene of aspen trees painted on the saw blade below holds a subtle word.  If you look closely, each tree has a hidden letter to spell out the owner's last name. 
This nesting set of antique crosscut sawblades is just one of my collection available to paint on.