These are made to the exact size of your fireplace.  There are a few different styles of mantles: Milled and Rustic. The milled beam style- I start with a 6x6 cedar beam and then carve in the checks and grooves and distress the wood to make it look like an aged beam. The rustic mantle-  this style is actually "hand hewn" which is the old way of making a squared beams from a round log before there were sawmills.  This is done entirely with a cross-cut saw and an axe, with many, many strokes.  

    This is back breaking work, but the look of a hand-hewn beam cannot be duplicated in any other way.  It is extremely rustic, showing the rough, axe-chipped surfaces with many axe and saw marks still visible.  This method is the real deal, but due to the labor intensive nature, it is more pricey.  This method can also be used on unique wood pieces, to add a brilliant wood texture to the front of your mantle.  Both styles can completely change the look of your fireplace and come in a range of stain colors. 
Custom groove cut on back, so that TV cords can pass behind and stay hidden
Custom Rustic Mantle Pieces
Milled sytle Mantle 
Hand hewn style Mantle
Hewn mantle: Monument, CO
Milled mantle: Memphis, TN
Hand hewn mantle with posts: Cuchara, CO
Four sided hand hewn mantel with posts: Granbury, TX
Hand hewn cedar mantel: Germantown, TN